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Air-Care is the world’s leading manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment, filters, supplies and spare parts.

We carry a full range of their products locally and provide sales; rental and servicing within the GCC and Middle East.

Why should you buy/ rent equipment from us?

Air-Care has been a pioneer in the indoor air quality field for over 30 years. They design and manufacture air duct cleaning equipment and decontamination equipment, video inspection cameras and electrostatic air filters.

  • A Full Line of High Quality, Professional Air duct Cleaning Systems
  • Training Programs
  • Long Term Support
  • A National Network of Air Duct Cleaners
  • Equipment Leasing Programs

Consider this before you buy…..

Before you purchase Air Duct Cleaning Equipment, it’s important to consider all aspects of the company you do business with. The business behind your business could prove to be the hinge on which success or failure swings. Here are some points to consider:


Make sure the company offers a full air duct cleaning training course to help get you started. Air-Care provides training in all aspects of the air duct cleaning service business. This includes equipment, procedures, and, most importantly, the marketing and pricing strategy of duct cleaning. As an added benefit, Air-Care has been a duct cleaner for over 35 years. An experience like that is not expensive, it’s priceless! If you are a customer of ours, you get LIFETIME SUPPORT for help with any project questions, quoting projects, and equipment maintenance. Give us a call anytime – it’s that simple.


We encourage you to shop around. Just make sure you shop us last because you don’t want to pay inflated prices for equipment and training. Air-Care has the most competitive pricing for filters and equipment in the industry.

*Ask about our financing.


Air-Care has developed a full line of cost-effective and efficient air duct cleaning equipment for start-up companies who target the residential and small commercial market, as well as the professionals who target large commercial projects. We can point you in the right direction for the equipment to meet your specific needs. Our equipment has been designed around our actual use in the field so you know it stands the test of time.


Remember – “The bitterness of poor customer service remains long after the sweetness of a low price”. Air-Care has a full staff of administrative and technical support people to help with all of your requirements for equipment selection, job protocol, estimating and pricing needs.