The Bio Cart HEPA-UVC/UVGI provides containment for work on plumbing, electrical wiring, IT computer cables and fiber optic lines above ceiling while capturing contaminates and exhausting clean air into the room.

Introducing the world’s most innovative mobile dust containment unit, The BIO CART. The exclusive features available with the Bio Cart are that of no other portable dust containment unit on the market today.

The awesome powerlifting capability of the Bio-Cart

Exploring the niche market of Dryer Duct Cleaning as an additional service for Cleaning Service jobs such as Air Duct Cleaners, HVAC, Carpet Cleaners and more!

The 4200-B Dual Motor HEPA Filtered Turbojet is the latest, most powerful portable negative air machine Air-Care has ever produced, yet it will even run on 15 AMP, fused circuits. Both motors are 1.5 Horsepower, 3 phase, high efficiency units with individual variable speed inverters featuring Electronic Speed Processing (ESP).

The TruckMaster combines the power of your truck-mount vacuum with Air-Care’s duct cleaning brush and motor. It has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with your truck-mount machine to maximize duct cleaning power, while saving you time.

Are you looking to get into the duct cleaning business? Air Care has developed an affordable machine that you can use to get started in the indoor air quality industry.