Home and business owners go through the day without a thought given to the air they breathe. It comes in, is filtered by the lungs and is expelled. Naturally, the cleaner the air the healthier it is for one’s body. This makes it important for a duct cleaning business to keep air in a home or business clean and easy to breathe.

The air ducts in a home or business need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Fortunately, today’s market offers superior equipment and materials for an HVAC business, carpet cleaners, and general contractors.

Foremost on the market are the new superior 2HP, 8HP, and 12.5 HP compressors, which allow a professional duct cleaner to choose one that will fit their particular needs.

Portable Air Compressors:

These include 2HP, 8HP, and 12.5 HP units as follows:

The 2 HP is designed to plug into a regular 15 amp electrical outlet.

The 8HP is a gas powered portable compressor mounted on a two-wheel frame. This is designed to clean coils, blowers etc. This particular unit has a number of attachments and can be conveniently fitted into a van.

The 12.5 HP is a two-stage unit that is designed to fit on a truck. It provides the option of a 12-volt battery or being hooked on to the vehicle’s electrical system and is fully equipped.

Duct Cleaning Equipment Packages:

This is an excellent choice for large or small businesses that furnish a duct cleaning service. These are available from a small EZ Package to an Industrial Package. This allows a business to obtain a bare essentials package or one that contains all the bells and whistles.

These packages are designed to fit a company’s personal needs. They range from a light package designed for pre-cleaning and hand vacuuming main ducts to a commercial package that contains all equipment needed.

The commercial package includes a SuperMAX Negative Air Machine, Hose, Fogger, Chemical 4 gallon Multi-pack, Hose Adapter, Power Brush, 2 Foggers, Marketing Kit, 12 Filters, 14 Foam Register Plugs, an Air Whisk, Vent Vac III, a Back Pac and a Sidewinder.

Also, new to the market are Electrostatic Air Filters which improve air flow while removing things such as pollen, bacteria, mold spores and other damaging microns. In addition, they are easily cut to any size required. With all the things that are floating in the air, it is important that every means possible is used to provide clean air for our customers.

A profitable duct cleaning service requires quality equipment and experience in this area. Necessary equipment is now available online at reasonable prices, which make it possible to perform surface duct cleaning or do a complete duct cleaning. In either case, it is important to do the job professionally and satisfy our customers.