HVAC duct systems will become dirty over time and can cause occupants of a home or business to suffer from coughing, red eyes and other problems. This makes it imperative for those engaged in the duct cleaning business to impress on these occupants the need for a regularly scheduled cleaning program.

Proper duct cleaning is important to any homeowner or business who has a problem with dirty ducts. Any company engaged in duct cleaning should read the national company NADCA’s study entitled “Chemical Product Application in HVAC Systems”. They conclude that cleaning materials are best used on blowers, coils, hard surfaces and so forth. They also impress that all antimicrobial pesticide solutions must be registered with the EPA if they are to be used in an HVAC unit.

Professionals engaged in duct cleaning realize the importance of having the right solutions to effectively clean, as well as remove, the odor that is often present in ducts that have not been cleaned for a long time. There is a wide choice of air duct cleaning chemical biocides, which makes it important to examine the properties of each in order to select the best type offered.

Different types of duct cleaning biocides include:

  • A mild bacteriostat and fungistat that removes mold, mildew or bacteria odors. Most types are unscented and inhibit the regrowth of odor–causing microorganisms. This is a mild cleaner that does not require people to vacate the area.
  • The second solution is stronger, has low toxicity and is completely odorless after it is dry. This solution requires occupants to leave the property. It is not recommended if the building occupants are sensitive to chemical treatments.
  • The third solution is one of the strongest air conditioning duct cleaning chemicals. It will remove 100% of odor and disease causing organisms on non-porous and hard surfaces. All of the building’s occupants must evacuate for a minimum of one hour after application. This particular chemical is not designed for use on areas such as a fiberglass duct board or porous duct surfaces.

When working with this particular type of air duct cleaning chemicals, it is important that the workers be properly protected with gloves, goggles and other protective equipment. This will help avoid any injury that might happen on contact with the cleaning solution.

As an HVAC Provider, Carpet Cleaner or General Contractor, it is important that we use HVAC duct cleaning chemicals that are EPA approved for the job. This will assure our customers receive the best service possible. With the right equipment and chemicals, this will not be a difficult task.